Jack Cassan Flight Scholarship

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
– Leonardo De Vinci

OAA Aviation Scholarship Program

This flight scholarship is given in memorial to Jack Cassan, a community leader and activist who aggressively supported the Oceanside Municipal Airport. The scholarship is designed to promote the aviation interests and career pursuits of local high school students and will only be awarded to those who have demonstrated a strong interest in aviation and are passionate about becoming a pilot.

This scholarship is intended to lead to the achievement of a “Solo” flight by the participating student. Additional training will be needed to complete requirements for a Private (or Recreational) Pilot’s license. It is the hope of this scholarship that the student and/or his parents will provide the funds necessary to complete this additional training.

This scholarship will pay for the following flight training related costs:

  1. FAA 3rd Class Medical Certificate and Student Pilot’s License
  2. Pilot logbook
  3. Aircraft Operating Handbook
  4. Pilot headset (loaner)
  5. 15 hours of aircraft rental and fuel costs.
  6. Instructor fees leading to a “Solo” endorsement

Student and family are expected to pay for the following costs:

  1. 1st hour of aircraft rental and fuel costs
  2. Any hours beyond 16th hour required to complete solo
  3. $100 fee for any lesson missed or cancelled without sufficient notice by student

The scholarship will be awarded to a student who is a resident in or near Oceanside, has met the scholarship criteria and has received the endorsement of the OAA Scholarship Committee. (If no applicants are endorsed by the committee, funds allocated for the current year’s scholarship will be utilized in future years.)

Upon “Solo” completion the OAA Scholarship Committee hopes that the student will continue flight training and receive an FAA Private (or Recreational) Pilot’s License prior to graduation from high school.

Selection of an FAA medical examiner, a flight instructor and training aircraft will be the responsibility of the OAA Scholarship Committee. The scholarship recipient will be responsible for daily scheduling of the training aircraft and instructor. Total value of this scholarship is estimated at $1500.

Scholarship recipients (and parents) will submit receipts for incurred costs (as defined above) to the OAA Scholarship Committee (see address below). Reimbursement will typically take ten to fifteen business days. If financial hardships preclude this reimbursement process, alternative direct payment by OAA may be arranged.

Scholarship Criteria

Applicants will meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum age is fifteen (but must be 16 by mid summer in order to solo)
  2. Overall GPA from previous two years greater than 2.0
  3. No physical impairments that would preclude passing FAA 3rd Class Medical Exam
  4. Interview with OAA Scholarship Selection Committee
  5. Minimum availability of forty-five days with no other commitments during the summer break (for intensive flight training)

Milestones Leading to Solo Event

  1. Receive a 3rd class physical exam by an FAA approved Airman’s Medical Examiner (AME) and be issued an FAA 3rd Class Medical Certificate / Student Pilot’s License(Note: OAA Scholarship Committee will cover the cost of this exam which will ensure that the applicant has no physical limitations that would preclude solo flight. Our committee requires this exam before the student begins training)
  2. Begin intensive flight training (four to six training flights per week)
  3. Pass a “Pre-Solo” quiz (administered orally or in writing by student’s flight instructor) and receive instructor’s endorsement for solo flight
  4. Successfully complete three full stop “Solo” landings at Oceanside Airport with instructor observing from the ground

Application Instructions

  1. Print out and complete the OAA Flight Scholarship Application
  2. Have parents review and co-sign application
  3. Submit (with transcript and written responses) to:Oceanside Airport Assn
    Attn: Scholarship Chairperson
    P.O. Box 172
    Oceanside, CA 92049-0172Note: The OAA Scholarship Committee will review all applications and identify finalists to proceed further in the selection process
  4. Upon notice, candidate and parents participate in a meeting with OAA Scholarship Committee
  5. Some final candidates may be invited to take a short familiarization flight with an OAA Scholarship Committee member and pilot
  6. Scholarship award will be announced after due consideration by the committee


Gordon Nesbitt
OAA Scholarship Chairperson

Download Application

Click the link below to view the scholarship application: