About the OAA


Welcome to theĀ  OAA

This is the home for news and information about the Oceanside Airport Association (OAA) and the Oceanside Airport. The OAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public-benefit California Corporation and a local chapter of the California Pilot’s Association (CalPilots).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Oceanside Airport Association (OAA) is to support the continued operation and growth of the Oceanside Airport. To raise community awareness regarding benefits derived from General Aviation and the use of the Oceanside Airport. To enhance flight safety in the skies over Oceanside and help ensure good relations between the residents of Oceanside and OAA pilots.

OAA also strives to:

  • Promote youth interest and education in STEM areas and aerospace, promote and provide aviation scholarships
  • Protection of environmentally sensitive areas around the airport (San Luis Rey river).

Airport Future

Small public airfields are a community resource for everyone. Pilots know the value of local airfields like Oceanside and understand that these valuable General Aviation airfields can disappear quickly without the backing and continued support of everyone in and around Oceanside. Aviators, people who love flying, those who love airplanes and those who see what this airfield means today and what it will mean in the future to the people of Oceanside must embrace its existence and band together to make sure it is always maintained as an aviation asset to our city and region. With that in mind, I urge you to join with us and join the OAA today. Your membership fee supports the contining education efforts we sponsor to inform the people of our city about the value of having this airport in Oceanside, and your membership supports our efforts to protect and preserve our airport from any who wish to see it closed. Your OAA Membership dues and donations are tax deductible. Just print a Membership Application from the Join page and send today. For frequently asked questions see our FAQ page. Email us or contact us any time. Hope to see you at the airport.

Smooth landings,